Who We Are?

We are a Business Process Outsourcing Company which offers end-to-end integrated marketing solutions that deliver results.We provide a great work environment and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Our core expertise lies in our ability to tailor-fit solutions for customers. We support our clients to achieve their business objectives of acquiring,retaining and growing customers.

Being a boutique BPO, we are highly flexible and can work with you hand in hand in delivering solutions that are effective at reasonable prices.

I live by the saying, what doesn't kill you, could make you a stronger person.

We aim to become the best employer by providing a great work environment and treating everyone with respect and dignity.

President and General Manager


G9 Outsourcing History


High Cost of Telephone Services

During the eighties, people all over the world relied on Telecommunication to correspond with people abroad at a High cost phone services.


The Birth of NY Telecon

Seeing the High demand of Telecommunications in the Philippines, the founder of the now G9 outsourcing established a way to help people reduce the High Cost from communicating through Phone services providers. The company partnered with New York Telecon in order to reach its goal of providing cheap Phone services.


Internet / G9 Outsourcing

The Internet came to the Philippines and huge companies started to transition from PSTN Phone Services to using the Internet to communicate locally and internationally. This era changed the telecommunications industry. Founders of the now G9 outsourcing also decided to transition from a Telecommunication company to a boutique Call centre company that still provides affordable services to its customers with world-class quality.


The Growth

As years went by, the call centre industry grew rapidly in the Philippines and with that G9 Outsourcing’s clientele also took an exemplary growth. Due to this, G9 Outsourcing started to broaden the service offerings aside from inbound and outbound call services.


Independent and Established

As the company started specializing in BPO services and not just telecommunications, it made sense to formally establish G9 Outsourcing as a BPO thus the formal registration and establishing of G9 Outsourcing Corp.


Global Integrated Marketing

Today, the company continues to provide excellent service all over the world with their clients from different industries.

core value

Be the best partner to our customers by applying the highest standards of excellence in every contact, write-up, image and delivery of service.

We aim to become the best employer by providing a great work environment and treating everyone with respect and dignity.


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